Know thyself

“You know that feeling when you have always done everything you were supposed to do, working hard at school, choosing the right university path, carefully managing your career, and here you are, 10 years down the line, and you are thinking ‘Is that it?’ ‘is that all there is to it?'”

In the past couple of months, I have had two incredible healing sessions with a Healing Coach called Susanne and a number of conversations with people my age going a bit like this …

“They don’t teach you this at school do they?” During my first healing session, I had released a major block from my childhood before delving straight into well, my Soul. Guess what, it was there all along and I had no idea – or had forgotten, rather. I needed help from Susanne every step of the way because when you ignore your soul for long enough it is pretty hard work getting back in touch. It makes perfect sense, really. So what was in my soul? My magnificent performing side was there, all pink and glorious and raring to go (Hello there).

So here it is: most people I know have built their whole entire life on knowledge external to them rather than self-knowledge. And as Susanne pointed out, you certainly don’t learn to tune into yourself at school and chances are not with your parents either if they never learnt how. Quite possibly the whole fabric of society has little interest in people starting to think by themselves.

I thereafter spoke to a business coach who made me aware of my mind that works in two seemingly antagonistic ways, my analytical down-to-earth “it will never work” side and my creative “oh I feel great about this, let’s do it” one. Turns out the analytical side is not necessarily just there to annoy me but can be put to good use as long as I manage it well.  She directed me to this blog posts she wrote about the benefits of journaling and letting your new ideas grow without judgment.  I have started journaling to capture how I feel about the things I love doing, including but not limited to work. I used to journal all the time as a teen and remember very clearly a few situations were it helped put my mind at rest and move on. There was this particular school year where bullies would never leave me in peace and I used to record every little thing that actually went well at the end of each day, rereading it every time I needed a pick me up.

4 days into my current journaling  I have a few insights already. I realize I am very good at sensing when people have valuable ideas and at helping them to articulate and making them happen. Also, I tend to get loads of ideas seemingly out of nowhere when working intuitively (read ‘not following a particular plan or method’), be it searching for information, reading about a topic of interest or having a conversation with someone who clearly loves what they are doing. I can feel the dots connecting in my head and I usually know who I can share/ discuss my idea with, other projects they could feed into etc.

Another super fun exploratory endeavor below – playing piano and singing and not caring one bit if it is not perfect. Loads more to come

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I cannot wait to see what comes up next on my ‘know thyself’ journey. What about you? Are you or have you been on a similar quest? What did you learn?

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