Easy messy updo Friday

So today I was inspired to try and pull my hair in an updo. I don’t like pulling my hair back in a ponytail and I don’t have that much hair to play with.

So I tried this hairstyle which consists of pulling your hair into 3 or 4 -or more depending on your hair’s thickness- macaroon buns. I like it, it is definitely more comfortable than a ponytail or a bun that pulls on your roots a lot more.

Also it is much easier than a french braid which is a style that seems to work better on longer hair (my hair is shoulder length right now but I used to wear variations of French braids all the time when it was longer).

All you need is a dozen of bobby pins and a front and back mirror and a bit of trial and error.

What do you do to keep your hair out of your face?

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