How clean is your nose?

Given the ongoing weather situation in Scotland, I thought I would write about a weird and wonderful thing our family does in wintertime and during periods of illness: Nasal irrigation!

What you need: tepid water, salt, the ability to breathe with your mouth.

What you get:  you get rid of your pesky cold that little bit faster and it washes out bacteria and viruses if you think you have been in contact with an infected person (which is nearly every day if like us you have a toddler at nursery).

The contraption below is the one used by my 4 years-old. She finally got the hang of it a couple of days ago while going through a cold -note that the manufacturer says children as young as 2 should be able to clean their own nose with it which I am happy to believe but this was not going to happen in our household. Now she is asking to clean her nose every day as she feels so comfortable afterwards. You would be amazed how much mucus can come out of a child’s nose when irrigated properly.

Mine is a more classical Nose Neti like this one. I bought it back in 2014 and there was only one model at the time, now they seem to carry endless variants in loads of pretty colours. The bottom line is: it makes you feel much better and able to breathe when you have a cold and same goes for your children (and most of us know how grumpy a sick toddler can be. Anything that can help that is more than welcome). How cool is that?




One happy nose-cleaning family

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